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  • Shenzhen Toyo Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.-Toyo Cooling Tower
  • Shenzhen Toyo Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.-Toyo Cooling Tower
  • Shenzhen Toyo Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.-Toyo Cooling Tower

Cooling square tower

Toyo cooling square tower

Dongyang Brand Cooling Tower Product Details

Toyo Cooling Tower's advanced design and stability

CAD/CAM (生产工艺软件),外形线条大方、高档,多台组合(可单台运行达到节能的目的)节省空间、 整体结构坚固稳重、刚性好、抗 12 级台风、 8 级地震、雪载荷 200kg /m2 The overall structure design of the cooling tower uses the new CAD / CAM (production process software). The outline is generous and high-end. Multiple units (can be operated by a single unit to save energy) save space. The overall structure is sturdy and stable, with good rigidity and resistance to 12 typhoons. , Magnitude 8 earthquake, snow load 200kg / m2 . In addition, the tower is equipped with a patterned steel plate access channel and the cooling tower is affixed with anti-shock and anti-fall signs on and off in a conspicuous place. Maintenance is very convenient and safe.

steel frame:

国标 Q195 Q235 钢板折弯加工成型生产,表层防腐按照英国 BS ENISO 1461 1999 标准热浸镀锌处理将氧化程度降至最低,坚固耐用。 The tower body is produced by bending and forming of national standard Q195 and Q235 steel plates. The surface anticorrosion is in accordance with British BS ENISO 1461 : 1999 standard hot-dip galvanizing to minimize the degree of oxidation and is durable.

FRP shell:

30% 以上,降低风机全压,减少电机功率,达到节能低耗的目的。 The design uses a speed-rotating energy-saving fan , with a kinetic energy recovery rate of more than 30% , which reduces the total pressure of the fan and reduces the motor power to achieve the purpose of energy saving and low consumption.

主要材料 均采用防酸抗碱耐腐蚀的高级玻璃纤维强化塑料, 优越的抗拉强度及导电绝缘性,能抵抗天然因素、紫外线和化学物质侵蚀,历久如新, 阻燃 20 年不褪色,使用寿命长。 The main materials of the shell and chassis are made of high-grade glass fiber reinforced plastics that are resistant to acid, alkali, and corrosion. The superior tensile strength and conductive insulation can resist natural factors, ultraviolet rays and chemical substances. Does not fade in years and has a long service life. The color of the shell is light gray, which is the main color of our factory, which fully meets the requirements of the owner.

Lowest noise and lowest cost


The high-strength aluminum alloy new large chord arc cooling tower dedicated fan is used, which has large air volume, low noise and light weight. 8 级高附着力喷涂防腐处理,抗腐蚀,抗氧化。 The surface layer is made of 8 -level high-adhesion spray anti-corrosion treatment, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation. The adjustable blade angle meets different requirements and is easy to install and maintain. The number of fan blades is not four, and the blade requirements are convenient and can be assembled and disassembled;

3-5dB A )及出风口上方梁限制空间少。 The fan installation method can reduce the cooling tower noise by 3-5dB ( A ) and the space limited by the beam above the air outlet is small.


ABB 全封闭专用冷却塔电机,防护等级 IP55 ,绝缘等级 F 级,经使用十多年来,性能出众,效率高, 噪音低,能耗少。 It adopts world-renowned brand ABB fully enclosed dedicated cooling tower motor, protection grade IP55 and insulation grade F. After more than ten years of use, it has outstanding performance, high efficiency, low noise and low energy consumption.

Good cooling effect and less water drift


PVC )材料,真空吸塑成型,材质强度柔韧性高、抗紫外线、不易脆裂、 无孔隙、无气泡无明显杂质及分散不良的辅料,表面无油污、 无刺激性气味, 环保、阻燃、 抗老化寿命长。 Selection of high-quality polyvinyl chloride ( PVC ) material, vacuum plastic molding, material strength is high flexibility, anti-ultraviolet, not easy to crack, no pores, no bubbles, no obvious impurities and poorly dispersed auxiliary materials, no oily surface, no irritating odor , Environmental protection, flame retardant, long anti-aging life. V ”波形斜纹设计,能有效地延长水与冷却风在塔内的接触时间,风阻小,亲水性好,散热效率高。 And the texture adopts unique " V " wave twill design, which can effectively extend the contact time of water and cooling air in the tower, small wind resistance, good hydrophilicity and high heat dissipation efficiency. 0.01% The built-in honeycomb water collecting device at the end reduces the water loss to 0.01% of the circulating water . -50 ℃~ 58.5 ,超过此数值请选用 PP 材质耐高温填料)。 (The working water temperature is -50 ℃ ~ 58.5 , if it exceeds this value, please choose PP material high temperature resistant filler).

填料片具有良好的热力特性和阻力特性,能完全满足冷却塔热交换和流场设计要求。 The water distribution is uniform and the maintenance is convenient. The packing sheet has good thermal and resistance characteristics, which can fully meet the cooling tower heat exchange and flow field design requirements. Packing racks and ladders are galvanized.

Water distribution system:

"Toyo" brand cooling tower combined with many years of manufacturing experience, according to the latest design theory of the international cooling tower industry, using the sprinkler basin type water distribution, the water pressure into the tower is low, energy saving, uniform sprinkler, no moving parts. In addition, the middle of the tower is equipped with maintenance channels for easier maintenance.

Corrosion resistance and long life

Outer tube parts aluminum cable knot:

8 级高附着力喷涂防腐处理,抗腐蚀,抗氧化。 The special aluminum alloy material is used, which has better rigidity and strength, light weight, and easy installation of external pipes; the tightness of the cable pipe interface, and the joints are uniformly stressed; the surface is made of 8 -level high adhesion spraying anti-corrosion treatment, corrosion resistance, Oxidation.

Unlimited ambient temperature conditions:

High temperature or sewage environment:

58.5 ℃, PH 值超过 6-8 含强酸强碱及水质总固体超过 5000mg/L ,含油(焦油)超过 10 mg/L 或含有直径大于 5mm 的机械性杂质时,需特别设计生产。 Circulating water temperature exceeding 58.5 ℃, PH value exceeding 6-8 Containing strong acid and alkali and total solids of water quality exceeding 5000mg / L , oil (tar) exceeding 10 mg / L or mechanical impurities with diameter greater than 5mm , special design and production is required .

Low temperature environment:

It is necessary to put forward in uninterrupted use in the low-temperature icing environment in winter. It can be specially designed to install an electric heater and a water guide ring to prevent water from flowing on the louvers to prevent icing.

RT )水吨两面进风方型冷却塔优势: Advantages of cross-flow ( RT ) water-ton two-side air-inlet square cooling tower:

Very low noise

There are two main types of cross-flow cooling tower noise:

The first: wind noise

Our governance plan is

经长期试验与用户现场检测对比,本司开发的铝合金宽扇叶,大弦弧冷却塔专用风机噪音比相同规格的至少低3Db; A After a long-term test and comparison with the user's on-site inspection, the noise of the aluminum alloy wide fan blades and large chord arc cooling tower fans developed by the Division is at least 3Db lower than the same specifications;

采用国内知名品牌ABB高效率低噪音型全封闭冷却塔专用电机,加之配用进口皮带(耐高温,耐磨损)及出厂前传动部分做动,静平衡处理,将可控制的噪音降到最低; B uses the domestic famous brand ABB high-efficiency low-noise fully enclosed cooling tower dedicated motor, coupled with imported belts (high temperature resistance, wear resistance) and the transmission part before leaving the factory, statically balanced processing, reducing the controllable noise to lowest;

:传动部分配备低转速传动方式进一步将噪音降到最低; C : The transmission part is equipped with a low-speed transmission method to further reduce noise to a minimum;

The second: water noise

Our governance plan is

洒水盆上加装盖板将管道进水的噪音全密封在洒水盆内; A cover plate is installed on the sprinkler basin to completely seal the noise of pipe water in the sprinkler basin;

洒水层上部控制:从洒水盆至填料的淋水落差高为180mm,四周用玻璃钢板全密封在塔内; B. Control of the upper part of the sprinkler layer: the height of the water drop from the sprinkler basin to the filler is 180mm, and the surroundings are completely sealed in the tower with glass steel plates;

淋水下部控制:填料插入集水盆深度约为50mm,无水落差声发出; C Lower water control: The depth of the filler inserted into the water collection basin is about 50mm, and there is no sound of water drop;

配备自动浮球阀补水装置,防止集水盆中的冷却水被抽空而发出噪音; D is equipped with an automatic float valve water supply device to prevent the cooling water in the water collection basin from being evacuated and making noise;

入风段四周加装进风百叶,可控制填料→集水盆的水落差声音于塔内; Install wind louvers around the wind inlet section to control the filling → the sound of the water drop of the water collecting basin in the tower;

Very little drifting water:

牌冷却塔不管是逆流式还是横流式飘水损失极少,我们采取的方案是: Regardless of whether the Dongyang cooling tower is counter-current or cross-flow, the water loss is very small. The solution we take is:

传动部分配备低转速电机; A drive part is equipped with low speed motor;

洒水系统连接口全密封; B. Sprinkler system connection is fully sealed;

填料末端两侧自带蜂蜗状收水装置; There are bee-spiral water collecting devices on both sides of the end of the C filler;

玻璃钢外壳连接边密封性好,必要时加涂密封胶; D. The connection edge of the glass fiber reinforced plastic shell is good, and if necessary, apply sealant;

入风段四周加装进风百叶,进一步将水滴损失控制在塔内; Install wind louvers around the wind inlet section to further control the water drop loss in the tower;

集水盆配有溢流装置,流量或补水过大时,不让其满出外面; The F catchment basin is equipped with an overflow device. When the flow or the replenishment is too large, it will not be allowed to overflow outside;

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